Preparing Your Exterior for Summer

With the warmer months of summer approaching, you will want to get the exterior areas of your house ready. You will need to refresh the flower beds and landscaping, inspect the house itself for damage, and get the outdoor furniture in place. Once all these tasks are complete, you will be free to enjoy your summer with the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is taken care of.

Lawn and Garden

The flower beds and landscaping around the house will need a little tender loving care after the long winter months. Remove any dead plants from the previous year, and uncover any bushes or plants that were covered for protection against the weather. Place new mulch down before the perennial plants fill in, and plant any new annuals needed to brighten up the gardens. Bring all of the lawn ornaments, solar lighting, or other items back out that have been in storage.

Structure of the House

This is the perfect time to inspect the structure of your home. While cleaning out the gutters you can check the roof for any signs of damage. Replace any shingles that are missing or in bad shape. Paint the wood trim around doors and windows, and have torn screens replaced. Walk around the house and carefully examine the foundation for cracks. If there is any visible damage, you can get basement foundation repairs from local contractors or businesses such as Trotter.

Outdoor Furniture

The last step in getting ready for summer is to bring out all of the outdoor furniture. All pieces can be washed, and wood tables and chairs can be re-painted if necessary. Replace worn or tattered cushions, and arrange furniture in a way that encourages conversation on the patio, around the fire pit, or along the deck of the pool. Hanging baskets and plant filled urns can also be used to make the seating areas blend in with the landscaping.

Taking the time to do any necessary repairs to your home as well as cleaning up around the house will leave you plenty of free time to enjoy your summer. You’ll be able to sit back and relax while knowing that the house itself is safe and sound and your lawn and gardens look terrific.

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