Updating With New Trends

With the latest design trends in place with remodeling projects in the home, it’s time to stray away from the traditional things that you might want to do to improve the look of a room, such as painting or changing the type of floor. When you talk to a general contractor who works with the newest features in homes, you’ll find that there are a few clever ideas that make entertaining and living in the house a bit more of an adventure and a little more convenient than simply changing a few colors or decorations.

Create a space in the living room for conversations or to sit and just enjoy the company of others with a lowered level. This level would feature couches and chairs on all sides of the square area that is made. Steps lead down to the area from the hallway, entry hall or the kitchen. You can place comfortable pillows on the seats and a coffee table in the center of the area so that you have somewhere to store books and magazines or have a place to play board games.

If you have an attic, you might find that it’s hard to do much with the space except for using it as storage. Brighten the area with large pillows on the floor or even a few couches that connect together with large pillows on top for a fun room to read in and watch movies. Place a television on one wall so that you can have a movie night with the family. It’s a space where kids can have sleepovers as well. Lighter paint on the walls, such as blue or white, can brighten the room tremendously, giving you a relaxing space to read or for children to complete homework instead of sitting at the kitchen table.

Utilize the space under the stairs by creating storage for books. You might have to add a few shelves, but once you begin adding books, you’ll see that it’s quite the charming addition. An over-sized chair near the stairs creates a complete reading area that is cozy and relaxing.

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